Saturday, September 26, 2009

lift and carry

fallen from roof struck in beutiful and stong arms

too light to lift

the man is not ready to go in bedroom so i chose this way

lifting old man

hey my lesbian friend lift me like this daily

lifting the tiny boy

use living weight

Thursday, September 24, 2009

animated grls on motorcycles

an animated couple, where both of them is rider , they meet, race and love each other

girls now only knows riding but they can also repair their macho machines

they are the members of chain snather girls club

animated strong females

the imagition of man about strong girl is endless, he can imagine her dream woman most strongest and powerful in the entire world, even entire universe. these animated pictures are the result of that .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more rider girls

the danger girl rides

hey my brother and husband seted as pillon

enjoy riding on big bike

the girls are now a days doing many jobs so they rely on motorcycles
see many phots of girls with tatto on their body at

girls bikes

girls are riding yes man they are really riding

friends many people still sending me mails saying that these pictures are fake and girls cant ride thats why i m publishing these photos , i have thoshand more picture wcich i am goin to publish soon
you can also see many photos of girls doing smoking at

girls and bikes

teenager learner..........thanks to the guy for teaching the teen girl how to ride a motorcycle?

i prefer my bike for long jouney. however my husband going out with children in car

not i m not the poser i also rides

female on motorcycles

beating mens in motobike rally
great fun.......look folower guys

no helmet ................very bad habbit..........regular rider
should wera helmet

so we are ready for the big chase
seema's ANGLE

beating boys and riding this small motorcycle on high speed is mu favrotie time pass

hurrah atlast we achieve what we want

girls rider

looking for the safe parkin space

my boy friend depends on me for long drives, however i teach him to ride in city limits

my hobby is to tame big bikes

if kick start no problem , my legs are too powerful
self start is for weak boys

no problem in late night driving as riding from last ten years

women on wheels

dont ever think we cant ride the motorcycles

the pulsar is made for females

the day is not far away when our husband sits at pillon seat and we are the best

the pulsar , easiest bike ever ride by me

Gaint womens

due have guts to date these womens?
due you have power to resist them?
due you can ever build body like them?
due you know anybody who have better body then them?
can you defeat them in arm wrestle with both of your hands?
see these gaint beautyful ladies and salute them for the beauty and strenght pose by them

girls on wheel

see theses beautiful womens on the most powerful and efficent bikes in the world.yes they realy enjoy these wonderful macines . they ride them easily .