Saturday, June 11, 2011

salute them

a very big gangster salutes the lady cop

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

strong maid

my name is rahul and i m sixteen year old boy with 5-6ft height and weight 60 kgs my parents Both mother and father are working in bank . this was pleasant saturday and i was at home that day before leaving to office my mother told me to change the fuse bulb of store room otherwise kamla the hose maid will not well cleaned the store.
kamla is 34-35 year old women with a good height and built , after an hour she cames and start doing her job then she ask me to change the bulb , i took a stool and try to change the bulb but it was at too height and i am afraid that i cant reach upto their so i ask kamla to bring another stool from the room but insted of doing that she ask me to come on her shoulders , hearing her i start laughing and told her that i am not a kid but i am a mature boy and she is woman so its better to bring the stool but she put her neck between my legs and with in seconds i am is on her shoulders she easily lift me i changed the bulb but still i cant believe that a woman so easily lifted me on her shoulders
she is more stronger than i think she further ask me to clean fan of another room as i was lifted high , friends as i was also enjoying the movement so i agree . she start walking and i was still on her shoulders . i start cleaning the fan and it took more than 15 min and she easily mange to lift me on her shoulders .
i furhter also enjoys her power .....soon i will send the details