Monday, October 12, 2009

indian lift and carry

an Indian girl lifting an english boy

enjoy the party the sister lifts her brother

she teaches her lesson about her physical power

photo shoot ..................she lifts him

some indian boys are lucky inuf to get strong wife or strong girlfriend who are able to lift them and he is one of them

she have more power

indian lift carry

see the strong girl, she lifted another girl on her shoulder and dance.
what a power she must have
the best lift and carry indian scene i have seen
my favorite

the teenager couple, loves each other very much

scene from indian marriage where a guy is lifted by a lady
really she have power and guts to lift a man

the same guy lifted again by another lady

a small girl lift a big guy

indian lift and carry

many people think that Indian girls are weak and they have very little physical strength
but see this girl to remove your doubts

enjoy the party................the wife lifts husband on eve of their marriage anniversary
what a nice gift

it is decided among couples that strong partner lifts the weaker one whole day on shoulders and see the result

the strong indian girl shows her power to a english guy

the teenager indian girl lifts a men on her strong shoulders

Thursday, October 8, 2009

girls riding

see my cap, see my shoes, see my jeans and see the bike i ride

what happen if i am not tall but still i can ride

the black beauty on wheels

taking my boyfriend on date

again the small bike

whether its day or night it doesn't matter these girls really rides

i like long drives at night

bike stunt- yes girls can also do it

bike riding is my passion

look the male bike between my legs

more girls riding

a beautiful chic rides in high summer

see the bike for male inbetween beautiful legs of female while male is just sitting

girls riding motorcycle

look at the beautiful chic riding bike and lover sits as pillion

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

wife lifting husband

i have hold my little husband whole day. he got very weak after long illness. so i take of him.

my huband enjoy riding on me and i give him full support

i am too strong to hold my husband on my back

the man i married is very bad, he tried to tame me, he wants i live as slave of her but i tell him in my own ways that who is the real boss

i married to a weak man so that i enjoy dominating him

look my weak husband on my strong shoulders

he got injured on mountaintop now i took him on my strong back and bring him down
look how strong i am?

its our daily routine we go on jogging and on the return round i gave him a trip on my strong back

Saturday, October 3, 2009

girls and motorcycle

wat a girl? riding big bike

waiting for some body

a girl in helmet with blue eyes

easy job of riding a big bike

Animated muscular women