Monday, October 12, 2009

indian lift carry

see the strong girl, she lifted another girl on her shoulder and dance.
what a power she must have
the best lift and carry indian scene i have seen
my favorite

the teenager couple, loves each other very much

scene from indian marriage where a guy is lifted by a lady
really she have power and guts to lift a man

the same guy lifted again by another lady

a small girl lift a big guy


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  2. i want to do lift carry session with sexy girl
    will it be possible in india
    can you tell me where should i get it

  3. i cant believe girls can be so strong.. can any girl lift and carry me away? i am 22 male 186 cm tall and i weigh 56 kg...can any of these girls lift and carry me away?in what ways?

  4. ROUSTEACHER. the girl who teach thy guy how lifting carrying partner during the romance.